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Financial Modeling

What will I learn?

We enable both new hires and associates to generate and build their own financial models using both flexible templates and the development of detailed financial models from scratch. Our highly experienced instructors demonstrate the most efficient modeling techniques in real time facilitating "learning by doing". The program consolidates their knowledge of accounting techniques while enabling them to grasp the principles on modeling in excel.

For full outlines of each day please see the course pages below.


Anyone attempting modeling should understand the construction relationship between income statements, balance sheets and cashflows.

Day 3 - A solid understanding of financial statement accounting, ideally through our Financial Statement Analysis courses.

Day 4 - A solid understanding of financial statement accounting. This day builds on the learning from day 3 but you are not required to have attended the previous days.

Day 5 - Building on days 3 and 4. A solid understanding of financial statement accounting and modeling using a template is required in order to maximize the learning benefits.

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