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­button Why Choose a Webinar?

Webinars can provide a cost effective enhancement to your employee development plan. Participants can join in from their desks or anywhere with a fast broadband connection.

Short sessions

Sessions will normally be one hour and never exceed 2 hours. Participants are therefore not pulled off the desk/job in hand for extended periods - thus having a minimal impact on the business.

Targeted content

Each session aims to cover just one specific topic.  This means participants should only attend the sessions they need and will provide a direct benefit to the business

Get the most out of your training budget

Using Webinars will enable you to provide a development plan for key personnel - so talent is retained in the business and institutions are in a position to seize opportunities.

Recorded webinars

We can record the webinars and make them available online for a period of time.  This allows people to refresh what they have learned whenever they need to and since the sessions are so targeted, they will be able to find what exactly what they are looking for exactly when they need it.


­button Webinar FAQ

Joining an AMT Webinar

When you book a place on an AMT Webinar we will send you joining instructions via email which will include a link to the webinar. Please make sure you keep the joining instruction email as you will need it on the day of the webinar.

The webinar room will open 30 minutes before the start time of the webinar. You will not be able to log into the webinar room before that time. You can download any webinar notes and materials from the 'Downloads' section once you are logged in to the webinar room.

Before the Webinar

Before you attend an AMT Webinar it is essential that you test your system to make sure that the PC you intend to use to view the webinar is able to access it. You may be asked to download additional software in order for the meeting to be shown correctly. This is normal, and the software will only need to be installed once.

The first 3 checks on the test are required for a smooth experience. If you do not receive ticks for the first 3 checks please contact your IT dept. initially. If the problem persists please contact the support address detailed in your joining instructions.

You can listen to the sound for the webinar on your PC. However if your PC does not have speakers or a sound card then as an alternative we provide a conference telephone facility. Your email joining instructions will include the conference phone number and PIN to allow you to use that facility.

AMT’s IT department will endeavour to help with any problems you may have in accessing the webinar (although they are unable to give any specific advice or assistance regarding your own IT system). Contact details for them are included in the joining instruction e-mail.


If you are interested in a webinar for a specific financial topic please let us know!

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