AMT Webinars

Webinars can provide a cost effective enhancement to your employee development plan. Participants can join in from their desks or anywhere with a suitable connection. Find out more below or watch our video.

Short sessions

Sessions will normally be one hour and never exceed 2 hours.  (Participants are therefore not pulled off the desk/job in hand for extended periods – thus having a minimal impact on the business)

Targeted content

Each session aims to cover just one specific topic.  This means participants should only attend the sessions they need and will provide a direct benefit to the business

Get the most out of your training budget

Using Webinars will enable you to provide a development plan for key personnel - so talent is retained in the business and institutions are in a position to seize opportunities.

Recorded webinars

We can record the webinars and make them available online for a period of time.  This allows people to refresh what they have learned whenever they need to and since the sessions are so targeted, they will be able to find what exactly what they are looking for exactly when they need it.

NB. We currently offer Webinars as part of our in-house training and not on a public basis. If you would like to arrange a webinar for your firm or have any questions please contact us.

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