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AMT's public courses are the perfect start to a career in finance, or the essential skills refresher for experienced finance professionals. The courses focus on relevancy and practical skills immediately applicable in the world of investment banking. Pick the days you need or book a bundle set. For further information please contact


Core Skills

   March  June

Core Skills - Book all 5 days

 5 days    
Day 1 - Financial Statement Analysis l
Day 2 - Financial Statement Analysis ll
Day 3 - Three Statement Operating Modeling with Excel
Day 4 - Valuation
Day 5 - M&A Analysis/Modeling and LBO Analysis/Modeling     10th

Intern Core Skills - Book all 3 days

 3 days      
Day 1 - Accounting Bootcamp
Day 2 - Financial Modeling
Day 3 - Valuation

Advanced and Specialist


Capital Markets

2 days
 Day 1 - Equity Capital Markets            
 Day 2 - Debt Capital Markets            

Advanced Modeling

3 days      
Day 1 - Advanced Three Statement Modeling    13th  
Day 2 - M&A Modeling    14th   
Day 3 - Leveraged Buy-Out Modeling    15th    

Advanced Valuation

3 days      
Day 1 - Advanced DCF and The World of Returns        
Day 2 - Advanced Valuation Issues and M&A Accounting Complexities        
Day 3 - Divestitures & Corporate Restructuring Analysis and Credit Analysis Fundamentals        

Financial Institutions Group

Bank Analysis and Valuation 2 days      
Insurance Analysis and Valuation
2 days      

*course dates displayed here are subject to change

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